It takes a lot of effort and courage to take that path less traveled and walk the steps that allow us to become more aware of ourselves and understand our place and identity in today’s World.

Our purpose here at Whole Health Heaven is to create a space that allows for multiple different approaches to help you become your most authentic Self, and within that utilize many different approaches that complement each other and help you progress steadily and consistently.

What we need to remember on voyages of self discovery is that no matter what the obstacle or situation that may be seemingly holding us back, we can move into and process these experiences, but its important to create a foundation of self compassion and self kindness to help us get through the times when we are focused on criticizing or tearing ourselves down.

Understanding how we are helping ourselves and holding ourselves back is critical to steady progress and we hope to be able to at least shine some light on how and where that may be happening for you on your journey.

Thank you for taking the time to read and I really hope and wish the best for you on your journey,