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My interest in really focusing on taking care of myself goes back over two decades. I began with a single yoga book and today I am a qualified counselor and psychotherapist. Although taking care of my internal world was at first a scary and overwhelming experience, it has become my passion and has helped me to become the person I am today. 

I have almost 20 years experience in meditation and mindfulness, and I have always been someone that wanted to take care of myself in the best possible way (maybe not so much in my early twenties!) and I have come to understand that there is no magic bullet when it comes to our psychological, emotional, spiritual and physical well being.

A lot of the time we focus on one area of our self development, and we can contradict some of our efforts by not understanding some of the pitfalls when it comes to a single minded focus on self development such as meditation, changing our eating habits or physical exercise. Essentially everything we do is going to supplement or work against our efforts and it can be hard to understand why. If we drink too much coffee for example how does that affect our ability to sleep or to meditate? 

I have spent my life understanding how my different behaviors and thinking has affected my ability to be truly authentic and genuine in the person that I am, and the purpose of this site is to share some of that experience and knowledge to help others bring some awareness and understanding to their internal experiences and perspectives.

Hopefully you can gain some insight that helps you to understand yourself with more compassion, kindness and self worth.

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